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Luke 2:10 Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people."

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Transitioning Kids (Part 1: The Youngest of the Bunch)

By far, the questions we receive most often regard how the children are adjusting.  So I thought I would write a little blog post on each child and how they're adjusting to our move. 

So Jude is our youngest.  After four daughters, he was our first son.  He is such a smart, spunky and spoiled little boy.  The girls (and maybe mama) have doted on him since the day he came home and like the others, he changed our lives when he joined our family.

I adore him.  He snuggles up in our bed (even when we really would like him to stay in his own at times) and says things like, "you're my best friend, mommy" and "I'm your boy, right?"  He melts my heart.

He also has a lot of energy.  He is non-stop.  I am pretty sure I have acquired many wrinkles since he became mobile.  This boy procures more bumps and boo-boos than any child I know.

Jude has been such a trooper during this transition to Guatemala.  The boys and I usually pick the girls up from school.  I wear Joseph on my back which means Jude has to walk.  Typically we make a few stops so our walk probably totals 5 miles.  His little legs keep up the entire time!  Occasionally as we head towards home, he will shed a few tears of exhaustion but as soon as we see the guards at the gate he says, "will they gun me down if they see me crying?"  Oh no, sweet boy, these wonderful men protect us!  Although we reassure him of their kindness, this is his first experience with guns so it leaves a visual impact he can't seem to shake.  ;) 

Two days ago the boys and I had time between an errand and picking the girls up from school.  I took the boys to Pollo Campero (closest thing to CFA we have here) to let the boys play in the kids' area.  Between awkwardly ordering food in my horrible Spanish and Joseph knocking over the entire table, we had a memorable time!  These special times alone are a treasure. 

I anticipate Jude will have the most laid back personality ever.  He's a bundle of pizazz right now but he has had to learn flexibility from a young age.  Since his birth, he has moved 8 times, welcomed a brother (same age) into the family and now he walks the streets of Antigua daily with Guatemalans rubbing his head!  (Apparently if you rub a blonde haired child, you will have good luck?)  I assure myself all these changes will make him a strong adult.   Please, Lord, let that be truth. 

A few pics of my sweet boy:

Where in the world is Jude?  Hiding in a wardrobe, of course.

Sweet boy at Pollo Campero with Mommy and Joseph.

Jude loves to play outside and get dirty.

Okay, I will humble humiliate myself and post a picture of my backside to show how cute this little boy is when he walks around town.

A friend told us about a local hotel who hosts a clown on the weekends.  Jude was a darling, sitting on the edge of his seat watching the clown's antics.

Shopping in Guatemala City with a pit stop at the merry go 'round.  Thanks to Mrs. Nancy for taking us!

 Sweet boy at the end of the day.  Out of the shower and asleep in minutes.

Always thankful,

**  This blog was typed at least 3 weeks ago but I am just now getting around to publishing it.  Since then we have moved to our new home, Jude has had his long locks chopped off and we are praying to have internet in our home soon.  More blog posts to come!