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Luke 2:10 Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people."

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Joseph Update

We frequently have people tell us how much Joseph has grown since we arrived in Guatemala 2.5 years ago.  It's always such an encouragement to hear that.  Sometimes, as Joseph's parents, we don't see the massive improvements because we are working on the day to day strides which often seem so BIG.  When we intentionally think back to some of the earlier days when Joseph first came home, we are truly amazed at the positive changes he's made!

Joseph is a strong, joyful boy who LOVES music.  He laughs and dances when music is played.  He immediately changes when it comes on and it calms him when he's upset.  We take a pair of headphones and an ipod with his favorite music everywhere we go.  It's so fun to see his face light up with his favorite songs.  He also knows the words to them and often sings along with them.  It's difficult to get a good video of him singing because, even though he can't see, we are certain he knows the minute we break out the camera because he stops singing.  ;)

What does Joseph like to do in Guatemala?

*  Joseph enjoys worship music at church.  He claps to the music and has a wide smile on his face from the beginning of music to the end.  We are still working on making it through the sermon.  ;)

*  Whether in a car or wheelchair, Joseph loves the cobblestones streets here!  He yells, "bumpy, bumpy," while traveling the roads of Guatemala.  He also loves having his window down while driving and says, "feel the wind?" as the wind blows in his face.

*  We have some incredible people in our lives who love Joseph.  When they come to the house, they call him by name, go over to talk with him and touch him appropriately.  It's such a blessing to have some loving people who step out of their comfort zone to approach him.

How can you pray for Joseph?

*  We recently found someone willing to do occupational therapy with Joseph who has extensive experience working with people with special needs.  This adds another $125 into our monthly budget.  We are praying the Lord will provide those funds.

*  Joseph's sleep patterns are just awful.  We realize this sounds dramatic but it's the truth.  He wakes up every morning between 2:00-3:00 am and stays awake until 7:00 pm.  We have tried wearing him out during the day, giving him a nap, keeping him up later, melatonin, etc. but nothing changes.   Pray as you feel led.

*  We continue to work on teaching Joseph to feed himself.   He has zero desire to learn how to use utensils.  He's come so far with eating issues so we praise God for those amazing changes and pray we all have the patience to continue teaching him how to use a spoon and fork!  :)

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